5 Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a learning disorder. Can you help?

As an adult with ADHD, I have had to overcome learning challenges myself. I was able to not only master essay writing but to develop my own method in spite of my ADHD. My method is designed to capture the attention of the most unfocused student by delivering very short and targeted lessons and then reinforcing them with quick and simple exercises. Most importantly, my lessons and exercises are very intuitive. When the information is fuzzy, even a perfectly healthy student will stumble. But when a lesson makes perfect sense, it is hard to miss, even for the most challenged student who has ADHD or Dyslexia. To avoid risk, you are welcome to take advantage of my 100% perfect happiness guarantee (see below – under Questions You Should Be Asking).

Is your method simple enough for grades 4-8?

Yes, absolutely. I tailor my methods for younger students and also have different levels of exercises for different ages and levels of skill. I assume no prior training in specific skills such as writing or comprehending challenging texts. This means that your child will be learning a lot of new things that he or she would not have otherwise learned. And the earlier your child starts, the better.

Does your method work for high school/early college?

Yes, absolutely. I originally developed my method for college freshmen while teaching at the university. I later adapted it for grade school.

Do you prepare for SAT and other tests?

Yes, I provide test-specific training in SAT and other standardized tests. But more importantly, you should know that students whom I tutor need less test-specific tutoring than students of other tutors. This is because the verbal portions of standardized tests are designed to test basic skills, such as writing a basic essay and comprehending short passages. My students get to master these skills well before they reach the testing stage. This way, they are well prepared to handle test questions and usually only need to learn test logistics to get high scores.

How does your tutoring work?

I tutor online and use a very simple set of online tools, such as Skype and Google Docs. (Read more about why I only tutor online in the section below.) The sessions take place once a week for an hour – that is the minimum commitment I require to achieve good results fast. It is easy to get started – you would simply fill out the form you see below, hit ‘Submit,” and I’d get back to you within 2 hours on business days. You may attach your child’s writing sample, and I’ll diagnose what we would focus on and prioritize.


5 Questions You Should Be Asking

What specific skills will my child learn?

Your child will learn:

  • How to start from scratch and write a complete essay, regardless of the length requirement
  • How to structure a well thought-out essay
  • How to write paragraphs and sentences that have persuasive power
  • How to capture and keep the audience’s attention
  • How to summarize, respond, outline, and expand
  • Grammar, punctuation, and elegant style
  • How to read difficult texts and understand them – every single time
  • Many other micro and macro literacy skills necessary for your child to shine in the classroom and beyond

How long will it take to see results?

Your child will feel a boost of confidence after the first session. My method is designed to deliver results very fast, and it is not uncommon to start writing good essays within only a few hours. But please allow at least 8 hours of instruction to see dramatic improvement.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. My first hour is risk-free to you. If you or your child are unsatisfied with the initial session, you may ask for a full refund which will be processed promptly.

Why do you only tutor online?

Good tutors tend to move to the online model for a simple reason: they are not paid for the time lost in commute. The more the tutor is paid and the more valuable he is to his students, the more he will value his time. And traveling between sessions results in time and money lost. Therefore, the better the tutor, the more likely he will phase out the physical tutoring in favor of the online model in which no travel time is required. It’s just simple economics. My students love online tutoring, and you should give it a try.

How can I save money on tutoring?

You can (and often will) save money in three ways. First, if you sign up for the available monthly subscription model, you will receive a free hour of instruction every time you have a month in which your tutoring day occurs five times instead of four (while you pay for only four). Second, by working with me, you will save lots of money you would otherwise have to spend on SAT and other standardized test-specific tutoring. This is because my students learn the skills necessary to ace those tests while simply learning to excel at their schoolwork. And third, if your child does really well with my methods, she will have excellent chances of getting scholarships so that you don’t have to pay his or her college tuition.


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