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Hi Phil,
Just felt the need to drop you a line to say thankyou for the excellent ebooks you have published.
First a little about me,
I left school with no qualifications and after celebrating with my wife the birth of my child 5 years ago, decided to get educated in the hope of a better job.
I have studied with the open university since 2007 and my track record is atrocious, my essay writing failed me badly. I have looked at online gcse english courses but these are £400 plus exam fees etc, etc.
While I was browsing courses I found your free ebook on 300 word essays and finally decided to buy your stop essay pain alongside 21 deadly errors.
I have read the free ebook and just finished the deadly errors and found them fantastic to open my eyes to all the obvious mistakes I was making. I can’t wait to read your larger book, stop essay pain and now feel ready to go back to study at the open university with confidence.
Believe me when asked to write a 2,000 word essay my brain froze, I struggled to get 500 words together!
Apologies for the rambling, undoubtedly this is filled with deadly errors, but with practice and reading your books, which have cost me about £30 and will teach me quicker and more efficiently than a £400 year long gcse course, I just needed to quickly say thanks.
Feel free to use this as a testimonial, I shall certainly sing your praises to anyone that wants to improve their essay writing, I may even tackle an english literature degree 🙂
Again you have saved me time, money and a lot of stress 🙂
With many thanks,

Dennis Thompson (Ireland)


Hi Phil,

just to let you know I have just finished reading the stop essay pain book and I did all the exercises, no cheating promise. Excellent book, which I can see myself referring to over again, but what amazes me is how much I have retained after only one straight reading, I normally forget everything a book has to offer.

Many thanks for the excellent work, I think I will start a blog as practice essays for when I start Uni again in the September,




“I needed a 30-page paper and didn’t know where to begin…”

-Pyongho Kim, M.Ed. Student at Columbia University


Hey Phil. Long time.
My apology that I haven’t updated you.

Thankfully, the paper got accepted 🙂
Now, I have to go through all the payment
process with the school for registration, and
once that is done, my professor will upload
the grade. Then I’m done with the school for good.
Let me update you with doctoral program application
process as well in the future.

Thank you so much for your help and everything.
Talk to you soon, man.



Dear Tutor Phil,

Thank you very much for your advice, as it has made me more confident in starting preparing my essay. Your example is a great framework for writing.  I am getting ready for an Interview for PGCE-Primary course and need to write an essay on the day: “My favourite teacher”, “What makes a good teacher” and so on. So I will keep in mind your Zoom In method. Also when I become a teacher I will teach my students, using this method.

Thank you again!
The best of luck in all good things you do!

Kind regards,


Hi Phil

I  do not really know if I can find the right words to thank you for all your e-mails.

It was your advises to help me with writing IELTS task 2 which had surprised me shockingly after I had the result and I had gained  2 bands higher in only 1 month and nothing switched my brain more than your techniques and made me realize that writing is beautiful and the most powerful way of expressing yourself as far as you do it the right way (thanks to you).

I will never delete your e-mails and I really appreciate that was for free and I could not believe that something for free can guide you to something that has been making my life very difficult for 7 years not to consider the time and the money being spent. Best wishes in everything.

Yours sincerely,



The ebook is very, very helpful. I would recomend it to everyone who has difficulty writing an essay. I know I still need more help but your ebook is very good.
Thank you so much Tutor Phil.


I must confess that your tips have really been of help to me.
there is so much improvement in my eassy writing.
Thank very much.


Yes, the book helped me tremendously! I gather my points as you instruct, and the thoughts just flow. My problem was the very beginning. I just never knew how to get started. But now, after reading your book, I use the techniques you describe to get the first few sentences down, and then everything else just falls into place. I have already recommended this amazing book to my friend and my son. The formula is really magical – the more I write, the easier it becomes. Now that I think about it, writing has even become fun for me! Thank you so much!
– Phyllis, California

Tutor Phil,

I’m so blessed to have crossed your website! Your writing techniques helped me a lot. Actually, I received my exam report last week from MELAB and so overwhelmed that I passed it! I got the score that I wanted — way beyond what I basically needed (from written to oral exam). Yes, I also used “zooming in” for my oral exam, that helped me focus and expand my conversation. Thank you so much for being a part of my success.

I hope and pray the same for you!

Have a Prosperous New Year!




Tutor Phil,

Thanks for the encouraging words,and I wouldn’t learnt without you. Since I had found your website, its has been a  great help for me.
Bless you for what your doing in people lives. I found your ways of teaching is totally different from other teachers. I admire that creative art of writing you got.

Happy New Year too.



Thanks for your letter Tutor Phil. Things had not been all that fine with me here in South Sudan. As you know this is one of the newest countries  in the World and there are many Challenges including in educational field which need time to be re structured. But I am proud of you because you have at least made my life better by your wonderful programme. Please continue your newsletter, for I still need it more than ever.
With high regard ,

your Student. Kusiima Francis.


Hi Phil, well here I am I must say I have enjoyed your book immensely, I have already learned a lot and very fast, thank you so very much for your great support and help. I must say I have always been a big writer and I can write pretty well, I have already finished writing my essay and nearly finished typing it, lucky you send me the video today just on time, because I would not remembered to write the Thesis first so I have learned again.

I have become more confident, and I am not scared to write since I’ve read your book. My essay has exactly 1500 words I am so pleased I have never in my whole life written these types of essay, so there is a lot of leaning to do on my side. I did wrote essays at highschool, and I always wrote so much the teachers were sleep deprived.
Well I have said enough, and now I will wait to hear from you soon…

With Regards,



I taught English to students at the community college level. A good teacher always looks to learn more from any reliable and accurate source that he can get his hands on. You are a great resource of information for everyone, including teachers. I will download your e-book and look forward to all of your e-mails. I am no longer teaching English to anyone anymore. However, I still love learning all I can about the English language. Your information is fascinating and to the point. It is also clear and easy to understand. What good is a lot of information if one cannot understand it? Thank you for sharing your information. I will pass it on to my nehpews and my grandchildren.



Hi Tutor Phil.
Your ebook is amazing. It has given me enormous confidence in approaching my essay.
I could not thank you enough.


I began listening to your first DVD. I am very impressed.

I wish I had had you as my teacher in college. You are a great teacher and your instruction is clear and to the point. I can’t wait to see the other DVD as well. Thank you.



Dear Philip,
The Technik of Zooming was amazing and helped me a lot… It turned to be so funny how easy it could be writing something. Espacially when the topic is set up and the memories are really full with life stories……
Thanks a lot!


I have found your ebook excellent and it has helped more than any other publication.

Many thanks,
Eleta Kyle


Your help has been invaluable so far.

I was going to quit and give up on a lifelong ambition – to get a degree.

Cathy Egan


Hi tutor Phil ! Hope you doing fine. I always learned something from yours e-mails it is a pleasure to me read every thing you write. I still have the first e-mail i received from you and i go back to read over and over. I got a lots of tips from you. I wrote my first essay , wich my teacher gave me very good points. Important still working on make it perfect I have to prepare myself for the oficial one. Thank you so much for kept  me in your list. I’be in touch. :-)…..



Dear Tutor Phil:

I’d better let you know I’ve got two Canadian Education Certificates, one was from Red River College.  And you’ve helped my writing skills because you offered me a lot of help in two years.  I’ve been self-teaching algebra for two months, I think I can go out to help later, I got $2000,00 tax credits because I worked day care volunteer and offered some writings.

Thanks a lot.

Chun Ya Yuen


Just to let u know, just love ur tutorials. Being out of school for 48yrs, ur posts just reinvigourates, strengthens and inspires me. Etymology! What a fantastic word. Being from the old school, I never read a book with my Oxford eng. dictionary at my side.

Keep the knowledge flowing. More power to you!!!




I am a 47 year old returning student and i need all the help i can get
when it comes to college essays. I barely got a b in my philososphy 5
critical thinking class because I really had trouble writing it with
all of the Academic flavor the professor was requesting; for example,
USC or Stanford style rhetoric. Anyways, I stumbled across your site
and i can tell immediately that the report will help me in the near
future. Please do not hold back on sending me anything related to
mastering college essays.

Thanks a million for the pdf



Thank you, TutorPhil, you are really helping me understand writing. I have no idea of what I am doing and I really appreciate your help. Thanks again!



Hi Tutor Phil, I am very pleased to say thank you for all the information’s and writing skills have been
receiving through mail. I am soon starting my Fetac 5 course on Business Administration. I needed an advice on which books should I use to guide and help me during my course. How much?. Like on how to write a good essay, report or a research.
Thanks in advance!
Thanks Tutor Phil,
I really need help as i am about to began a course in childcare as a kindergarden assistant, and we need to do about 150 assignments in a year.
tkx again

I’ve been getting your sincere help, I became more confident.  I don’t need to worry about the difficult topics, I read the newspaper to get the interesting topics so that I can write a lot in the future.Thanks a lot for your help, you make me eager to learn, positive to create, sincere to share.Sincerely,Chun

Thanks so much for this wonderful videos am getting somewhere in essay.
Dear Tutor Phil,Thank you so very much for the helpful infomration provided. I am glad
you have taught me something new about how easy an esay can be worked
out using 3 simple steps.I will try this out and if i have any questions at all, I will contact
you for further assistance.Many thanks and warm regards,Lynna

Hi Phil,

I am excited to get your mail they are so clear and to the point.I tried the three steps method and was able to complete a 300 hundred words essay in no time.
Thank you
Tutor Phil,

I don’t know if you remember me but I was the one emailing you last fall for help with a paper. Well, I wanted to let you know that I got accepted to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and UC Davis. I am officially a Bruin. What I wanted to know is do you have any advice on papers and getting through the readings. (I hear from alumni that the reading load alone is tremendous with mid-terms in 3 weeks on the quarter system). Anyways, I did pass the Anthropology class with an A and I scored a full credit on the paper.

Talk to you soon,

Roderick V. Todd


Tutorphil, it is me Ali, I am writing to say to you thank you very much indeed for your ebook “STOP ESSAY PAIN” I  have finished now reading the 21 deadly errors and some pages of stop essay pain.
I wish to get this book earlier than now, because it is really what I was missing before, and  fortunately now, I get good perespective way writing skills, to go forward, from now I hope that my writing skills will improve, because I get your constructive ideas in this book, to impress my professors in my next writing exams. THANK YOU again


Hi tutorphil

Today I opend my email, and came to you email, I was pleased reading your messages that you have sent to me. I do not have good grammar although I read books or some news paper. When I read some of your tutors messages they very interesting and even I’m the same position and sometimes stuck when I am in an exam. I become feared and that in my mind I say that I do not know nothing. Thanks  for your support, when I open my email I check for your mail.
Thanks for your help



Hi Tutor Phil,

I am going through your program. I have just finished the first DVD. I am starting a PsyD degree in two days. You know your material. You excel at teaching it and enjoy doing so. I will keep you posted.

Thank you for the most generous deal.  Yes, your guide is wonderful because of its simple explanation yet so organized.  As I go over the exercises, it gives me two very important reflections: I have to value and in fact to journal my personal experiences so I can use it for giving examples; second, I have to do more research about the topic I have to discuss, thus, number of words now becomes easy. Thank you so much. I am a bit confident now to write my essay.

Hey tutor phil ! no worries at all, you have no idea how helpful you were on this assignment. I got 60 % (2:1) after I expanded a bit and did some “zoom in” techniques, given the frame time I did this ( 4 to 5 hours  to complete it  compare to all my other  that take me days without your system ) , I believe this is fantastic. I even got an amazing feedback from the tutor saying I made some dramatic improvement !!

Can not wait to work with you again…..
Mustafa 😀
“Phil has been my tutor for a number of occasions. He has been extremely helpful with my scholarship applications, as well as numerous fellowship programs that I applied for. For instance, I wanted to apply for the Cardinal Scholars Program, but I was having trouble finding a tutor to proofread my work before the approaching deadline. Thankfully, I was very grateful when I found Philip, he was very cool and friendly, and was very flexible with his schedule, especially when I couldn’t find a tutor at that time to check over my work. In the end, after working with him, I got accepted into the Cardinal Scholars Program! He also went the extra mile to teach me writing tips on how to approach an essay and break it down to the most rudimentary steps from start to finish. I was very happy!”
Kimmy Y.
Yes I got accepted to NYU and I also went for an interview to University of Maryland, which is my top choice for now. Haven’t heard back from them yet, but hope I will
Thank you so much for your help!!! And thanks for asking, I really hope I will get to Maryland, where tuition is cheaper and also considered to be a good school.
Overall the hard work paid off:)
Dinara S.

Dear Phil

Would just like to say thanks. I am a student in the UK, and I find your content useful and easy to understand.
Sincerely, Max


Hi Tutor Phil,

Thank you so much for the book. I made a lot of realization upon reading it. Thank you, thank you so much.

Thank you Phil

Good to hear from you, and thank for being here. You have no idea how much impact you had on my essay writings. I have been consistently hitting  above 60% with your techniques. Before that I was lucky to get just pass, like 40%.

Than you so, so, so, much ! And yeah, I might be sending you some essay I am working on, as well as my final year dissertation, since I am in my last year of university. Last year ? Who knows, I  might get tempted to do a master, and phd with your techniques, hahaha




Dear Tutor Phil,

I want to thank you for all the inspiration, guidance, and support you gave me. I have completed my degree, and being awarded 2:1 ( In the UK this stand for B). There is no way on earth I would have accomplished this without you!

Because of you Phil, some of the comments I had on my best essays were ‘ well done for researching well and making a range of insightful comments !’ ‘you clearly have a clearly stated argument, quite clearly written actually’, ‘ you have a clearly detailed introduction, which clearly says what you did in your essay and conclusion’.

By the way, sometimes in May you emailed me contents on book analysis. This was such a good timing as I had to write a book review. For this, I used your power of 3 where you said ‘ methodology author used to prove his argument, why it is right, why it is not, and conclusion’ . My professor was impressed by how clear I was and wanted to use my analysis for future reference to help student on Book review! Seriously, you should become an academic leader, lecturer or something!

The only bit where I have not done so good was my final year dissertation. I was too general on the topic, and lacked precision. I had no title page, literature review, or any reference to the methodology I was using. i have done it in a week 😞 that s why. I got C, tough.

Now, I am starting an internship soon, by the same university where I started. They employing me full time. I will be working in the ‘teaching and learning department’, working alongside colleagues to improve retention at university !!! What a coincidence. I really look forward to brains storm further ideas with you!

NB: If you wish I can send you piece of my best work, where you inspired everything forSave

Riza Samaco Lopez:

“Hi Tutor Phil,

Thank you so much for your videos. The book that I bought “Stop Essay Pain” is really helpful. Thank you, thank you so much!”