Complete Essay Writing System

Look Over My Shoulder As I Show You How I Wrote Three A-Grade Papers In College – Sentence By Sentence…

We begin the course with an overview of the basics – something they never teach in school. And then…

You’ll be guided through the exact process I followed when writing three of my actual college papers (undergrad and grad level), from start to finish.

This means – we go from just an idea of the essay topic – to each paper completed, finalized, and graded by professors.

My teaching style is easy-going and conversational. I don’t bore my students. This program is lots of fun.

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Here is a list of things you will learn…
  • How to use the essay question or topic your professor gave you to create an INSTANT outline for you paper
  • A simple technique of adding hundreds or even thousands of words of quality material WITHOUT repeating yourself or quoting too much
  • Why most students jump into research and find themselves more lost than before and WHAT to do to avoid this big and senseless mistake
  • How to use research in such a way that it actually provides you with an idea after an idea WITHOUT even a hint of plagiarism
  • When you master this simple technique, you will start winning your professors over every single time
  • An easy but not obvious way to use a counterargument to instantly expand your paper
  • You’ll acquire the skill of logical reasoning and learn how to use it to expand your papers
  • This simple technique will get you a thousand words in less than an hour IF you simply do it the way I teach it
  • How to get rid of the “blank page” syndrome forever and to keep typing until your fingers go numb WITHOUT getting stuck and have fun in the process
  • You will learn that making small and even big mistakes in your writing is okay AS LONG AS you use this powerful SECRET
Here are more things you’ll learn…
  • An easy way to avoid this common mistake many students make when writing a compare/contrast paper
  • A simple way to write your paper WITHOUT worrying about making serious mistakes, EVEN if those mistakes got you poor grades in the past
  • A way to come across as a positive person – even if your paper is critical of something
  • How the Power of Three helped me write a 2,902-word term paper WITHOUT getting stuck even once
  • This simple technique of adding only a few words in your opening paragraph is guaranteed to make your professor understand and LOVE your writing – every single time
  • Watch me write an Introduction and a Conclusion in only a couple of minutes – yes, it’s that easy
  • Use this simple but POWERFUL technique to incorporate research into your paper EVEN if you think you have found NO articles or ANY pieces of research that you could include in your writing
  • This sneaky little technique will allow you to influence your professor’s opinion about you and your writing right from the very first sentences
  • How to add three paragraphs of QUALITY content Quickly and Easily
  • These 3 Easy Ways to BOOST Your Essay Grade are quick but very powerful
Here are even more things you’ll learn…
  • A SIMPLE way to CONNECT any two works of literature or any art in a way that will get you an excellent grade EVERY time
  • How to create an essay after essay without EVER running out of ideas again
  • How to express yourself freely and expect total respect in return
  • How to quickly change your approach for any professor to make sure that you get good and excellent grades throughout your college years
  • You will finally form your own strong idea of what a student essay should look like and learn how to adapt your writing to any professor for the best grade
  • How to use your imagination to support your points and to have your professor FASCINATED with your thoughts
  • Discover why it is perfectly okay to write a very long opening paragraph and HOW to write such paragraphs so that your professor would make his decision then and there that you deserve an excellent grade
  • How to come up with writing ideas that you could keep expanding on forever
  • An amazingly easy way to organize your thoughts so that they flow without stop as you’re typing your paper
  • Get all sorts of tips, tricks, and sneaky little techniques to make SURE that your next research paper is a success
Check out my actual grades for these papers

No more frustration

Turn even the most difficult essay topic into a 1,000 or even a 3,000 word essay without pulling your hair out.

No more writer’s block

Write on a topic you know nothing about or don’t even like and come up with all the material to fill up a page after page.

Write faster

Once you begin using the techniques in the course, your ideas will flow, and you’ll write your essays a lot faster.

Research less

Most students spend way too much time on research. Cut your research time in half.

Focus better

You get distracted because of some major obstacles to sharp focus. Remove them and get in the flow.

Get it done

Beat procrastination by actually having fun writing.

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“I began listening to your first DVD. I am very impressed. I wish I had had you as my teacher in college. You are a great teacher and your instruction is clear and to the point. I can’t wait to see the other DVD as well. Thank you.

“You know your material” – Métard, Canada

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