About Tutor Phil

I’m Philip Saparov, but you can call me Tutor Phil or simply Phil.

I hold a Master’s of English Literature (from Brooklyn College, CUNY), and am the author of Stop Essay Pain, a book on essay writing. I am also a published author of Amazing Grades.

But most importantly, I have spent the last 16 years developing and honing my craft of teaching and tutoring in the essential academic skills – essay writing, reading comprehension, and vocabulary building.

My methods are proven to be very effective, as so many of my students of all ages and clients in various fields tend to feel (please visit the Testimonials page).

Simply put, I teach a few simple writing secrets most professors and instructors will NOT teach you. I know it because throughout my college career only one professor made a real difference in my writing (which is really an ability to think clearly on paper).

He gave me a gift that I’ve since made my own, expanded, and developed. And today it can belong to any student who needs help putting together an essay, a research paper, or a presentation.

I have compiled some of my best lessons in the form of articles and videos on this website. Just start browsing and learning. Also, use the Search function in upper right hand corner, and chances are you’ll find what you were looking for.

I wish you success, academic and professional!

Tutor Phil