Vocabulary Building: “PRECISION” – Etymology and Meaning

We’ll continue to expand our vocabulary and learn a new word – “Precision.”

Does this word have anything in common with the word “INcision?” It sure does. These words share a Latin root – “cidere,” which means “to cut.”

However, how does the word “Precision” differ from the word “INcision?” It has a different prefix – “Pre.” And “Pre” in Latin means “before.”

So, what is the meaning of the word Precision? Let’s take a look.

“PRE-” means before. The root “CIS” is a version of Latin “cidere,” which means to cut. And the suffix “-ION” means “the state of” or “condition of.”

Thus we have the STATE of CUTTING BEFORE.

Now, let me ask you a question. What do you have to do before you cut something? You have to measure it, don’t you? That’s exactly is the point. The word Precision means being exact.

It is very important to be exact in measuring something before you cut it, and that’s why another word for exactness is Precision.

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Tutor Phil

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