Term Paper Topics – 14 Easy Templates You Can Use

Term Paper Topics

Coming up with a term paper topic can be a pain in the neck. The templates I provide below will help you get started.

These are meant to show you different outline possibilities, so you could get an idea of how to structure your term paper. Here is an example of how to use them:

Suppose you have to write a History paper. And let’s say that you wish to write about a historical figure. And here is a template you like:

X changed the course of history by engaging in Y-number of wars.

Now just replace the X with a historical figure – say, Napoleon – and you already have the beginning of an outline going. You should also replace Y with a number. This way you can use this template to write about any number of historical figures.

So, the final result for this template might be this:

Napoleon changed the course of history by engaging in three major wars.

So, here are your templates:

  1. X and Y should be changed in order to preserve our planet’s ecology.
  2. In order to fight world hunger effectively, X, Y, and Z are the changes world governments must accept.
  3. The American public loves/hates X for Y-number of reasons.
  4. It is always hard to do X or Z without having done Y first.
  5. X is better than Y in Z-number of ways.
  6. In order to live better lives, people should start doing more of X and less of Y, as 10 examples show.
  7. Some animal species are on the verge of extinction because of global warming. X and Y, for example, are about to lose their habitat – polar ice.
  8. Term paper topics are hard to come up with because of X, Y, and Z.
  9. X costs too much nowadays because of Y and Z factors.
  10. My country’s foreign policy has changed significantly in the past 10 years. It used to be more X, but now it is more Y.
  11. X and Y are essentially similar.
  12. X and Y are essentially different.
  13. X and Y cannot coexist peacefully because they disagree on A, B, and C.
  14. It is best not to buy term papers because of X, Y, and Z.

So – there you have them.

Feel free to tweak and change these term paper topics (or templates, rather) any ways you like. I came up with these simply as possibilities to develop a good argument.

Hope they help 🙂

Tutor Phil

Tutor Phil

Tutor Phil is an e-learning professional who helps adult learners finish their degrees by teaching them academic writing skills.

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