How to Write an Essay about the Environment

In this tutorial, you will learn how to write an essay about the environment.

This will work for such classes as Sociology, Political Science, Natural Science, any other discipline, or even for work.

The biggest challenge when writing an essay is coming up with material.

And the easiest way to keep your ideas flowing is to break your topic into subtopics. That is the secret.

So let’s say our subject is the environment. Now it’s a vast topic, but let’s see how we can break it down.

The easiest way to break up a topic is to use the Power of Three.

Let’s see, what are some of the parts of our environment? What parts can the environment be broken into?

  1. Climate Change. This will answer the question, “How is climate changing?”
  2. Biodiversity. This section is about all the life on this planet and will answer the question, “How is animal life affected?” This includes human life, too.
  3. Pollution. This will answer the question, “How does pollution affect the world; how does it affect people? How does it affect us?”

The environment is a very vast topic, and you can definitely write an essay on it. In fact you can write a book on it.

And if you were to write a book about it or if you have to write a longer essay, or even a dissertation or a thesis, you could break it down into these parts.

However, an even better thing is to do is to just pick one of these aspects of the environment and write an essay on it. Let’s try and see how this would work.

Let’s say we pick global warming. It’s a big enough issue in itself, and let’s see how we can write an essay about it.

Well first of all, we’re going to use the Power of Three. What are three aspects of Global Warming that we could talk about?

When you’re writing about Global Warming, you could divide it into these three aspects:

  1. Causes. This would answer the question, “What causes global warming?” It is similar to talking about the past. What happened prior to today that made today the reality? This leads us to the next part:
  2. Effects. What is going on today? This will answer the question, ”How is the planet affected?” What are some of the effects we are observing today that are results of the causes in the past?
  3. Predictions. This section is about the future. It will answer the questions, “What is the prognosis if no action is taken, if we do nothing about the environment? And what would be the prognosis if we do take action?” You can actually have two nice little subsections here: What would be the prognosis if we do take action and what if we don’t?

Makes sense?

Here’s an example of how you could structure an essay about an environmental issue.

Here’s a sample structure. Let’s say we’re going to write about global warming.

We’ll use the Power of Three, and these can be the three sections:

  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Predictions

What can we do to subdivide each of these sections further to make our life easier writing this essay?

In other words, how would we come up with subsections?

Let’s see…

Section one, Causes. What are some of the causes of global warming as we know it today?

The three aspects, three causes, three things that cause the global warming are such things as:

  • People (humans and their activity)
  • Industry, work of corporations
  • Nature, the natural causes

For example, talking about Nature, we know that the sun does indeed shine, and throughout history the climate has been changing. We didn’t have all the manufacturers and big corporations in the past, but we still had climate fluctuations.

You can also divide nature into animals and plants.

Section two, Effects. What are some of the effects of global warming? What is affected by it?

Let’s take out industry right away because I don’t really care how global warming affects big corporations and their profits.

We can talk about how it can affect us human beings and how it affects our environment, the nature around us.

Final section, Predictions. We’d probably do the same thing in this section. If we don’t do something about global warming, how will we as human beings and our environment be affected?

Hope this helps. Now go ahead and write that essay about the environment!

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