Video Q&A 2 – How to Develop an Essay Topic – “Ethical Principles in Social Work”

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An excellent question came in from Socrate – a subscriber, and I created this little video to answer it in some detail.

Here’s the question:

Hello Tutor Phil. Could you assist in this case to give me a coherent understing of how to write, this essay which is in research of social work, because this is my field but I feeling having a burden. This why I am looking everywhere to get somebody to help me to write academically.


“Why are ethical principles important in social work research? when working with vulnerable people.

Assessment criteria:
(a) ability to identify main ethical principles relevant to social work;
(b) awarness of specific ethical requirements when undertaking research with vulnerable people;
(c) demonstrated understanding of the application of ethical principles on the practice of social work research;
(d) well written with coherent argument and appropriate use of literature and APA referencing (minimum of 4 scholarly references).
Thank you for your advices but my problem is to know how to arrange paragraphs and getting deeper in a critical writing, I believe as you are giving me this explanation you will do your best to direct me.
 My best Regards

Tutor Phil

Tutor Phil is an e-learning professional who helps adult learners finish their degrees by teaching them academic writing skills.

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