Tutor Phil’s Brand New YouTube Channel Is Now Live!

Hello Lifetime Learner!

First, I’d like to thank you for being a loyal TP visitor, subscriber, and customer. You’re awesome, and not just because you are here but also because you know the value of good training.

Second, I have awesome news. I’d like to officially announce:

Tutor Phil YouTube Channel

Please go ahead and click on the image above and enjoy the bunch of videos already uploaded!

And I’d like to invite you to subscribe to my channel because I post three videos each week on such topics as:

  • Writing an essay or a research paper
  • Work-related writing (if you’re working or are about to graduate)
  • Vocabulary building (the richer your vocabulary, the faster you’re promoted at your job – some unique training coming up)
  • Critical thinking
  • Reading comprehension
  • Business writing (if you’re running a small business)
  • New SAT Essay writing for your kids if you have any 🙂
  • Other topics suggested by you!

In addition – and this is huge – I invite you to send me questions – in comments under videos and blog posts as well as over email. I read all my comments and emails, and I’ll make videos to answer your questions!

So, yeah – please visit my brand new YouTube channel, enjoy the videos, and subscribe!

Tutor Phil

Tutor Phil

Tutor Phil is an e-learning professional who helps adult learners finish their degrees by teaching them academic writing skills.

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