How to Write an Essay in Three Easy Steps – Audio Lesson

how to write an essay audio

If you want to write an essay in three easy steps, first, you need to understand what is NOT working for you right now and why. Essay writing is not easy because of the traditional, really outdated structure of Introduction – Body – Conclusion.

You need something new that works. Here is your audio. And here are the things you will learn:

  • What they taught you at school
  • Why it doesn’t work
  • What to do instead
  • How to write an essay in three easy steps

Hit the PLAY button to listen in:

Here Are Your Takeaways

  • Writing an essay involves 3 steps: Taking a Stand, Writing the Thesis, and Writing the Body
  • Introductions and Conclusions are optional, but may be required
  • Use the Power of Three to make your life easier
  • Devote a section to each sub-point you outlined in the thesis statement
  • Use simple essay math to break the task into manageable units

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