Advanced Essay Writing Techniques Work – and here’s the PROOF…

I won’t waste your time here with any kind of self-praise…

…and let my and other people’s RESULTS do the talking.

As you probably already know, my new DVD program revolves around three essays that I wrote myself during my college years. One I wrote as an undergraduate student, and two bigger papers – as a grad.

And I just wanted to SHOW you the grades I got and the comments I received from my professors who graded these papers. And then I’ll share some of the things my students have said about my stuff.

But first…

I want to tell you where I was BEFORE I found out all the secrets of essay writing.

My average grade was C – and that was the AVERAGE!

And the comments I used to receive really put me down:

my average grade before my system

So, this was before I started using the system I’m about to teach you.

And here are the photocopies of the grades and comments I received from my professors for the papers we’ll study and actually write together from scratch in Advanced Essay Writing Tecniques:

Here’s the grade and comment on the first paper (720 words)

grade and comment for paper 1

In the program I’ll show you TWO major mistakes I had made in this paper – an intellectual and a grammatical one – and STILL got an A+!

This shows you the power of my methods – you don’t have to be perfect – all you need to do is apply the simple techniques I teach.

Here’s the grade and comment on the second paper (2,902 words)

grade and comment for a larger paper

This one was communicated over email – my professor had sent me the file in pdf. In blue print – that’s the professor’s grade and comment. The grade is FULL CREDIT, as you can see.

This comment also goes to show that you don’t have to be perfect and that your professor does NOT have to agree with you! You don’t have to try to please your professor – NO – but you’ll learn how to write in a way that they will love you anyway WITHOUT you trying to please 😉

Here’s the grade and comment on the third and last paper (3,065 words)

the grade and comment on term paper

Again, you can see that this paper is NOT perfect, either. Yes – I made some mistakes in using the MLA style – it’s kind of like the APA style – I’ve never been an expert in those and don’t want to be – I don’t truly care.

My weapon is my content – I write in such a way that professors can’t help it but give me good grades – and I’ll be teaching YOU the exact same techniques – VISUALLY!


As for some testimonials from my students, click here and read – see for yourself if my techniques could work for you, too.

Talk soon,

Tutor Phil

P.S. Keep your eyes on your inbox – the program is coming out in the next few days and will be available for only a few days – in a limited number of copies – ONLY for my subscribers…

Tutor Phil

Tutor Phil is an e-learning professional who helps adult learners finish their degrees by teaching them academic writing skills.

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