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by TutorPhil

Here’s a sample essay I wanted to post here just to illustrate some of the points I’ve been making so far in my posts. Please note the following attributes of the essay (which is very short – only about 300 words or so) :

  • The main point (thesis) is stated immediately
  • The thesis statement provides a quick overview of all main sections
  • Since this is a comparison essay, each section contains two parts: A – Science and Math; B – Literature and History
  • Each paragraph discusses its own part of the topic and nothing else

Science and mathematics courses are more beneficial to students than literature and history classes for three reasons. First, the knowledge of science and math is essential to learning other important disciplines. Second, it is more important in everyday life than literature and history. And finally, science and math courses develop logic skills the way the humanities courses can’t.

First and foremost importantly, science and mathematics are essential for learning economics, finance, or mechanics, which are disciplines that are invaluable in today’s marketplace. Anyone who lacks such knowledge will also have difficulty grasping computers, internet, stocks, insurance, etc. But the knowledge of literature and history barely has any effect on any skills that are vital to today’s economic atmosphere.

Science and mathematics are indispensable in daily and professional lives. They show people how to avoid electric shock when doing electrical repairs. They also help people optimize their incomes and expenses effectively. These subjects also play an important role in the workplace. Operating machinery and being responsible for market or finance analysis call for the knowledge of math. But the humanities are hardly helpful in the workplace. Literature and history can only be valuable to the people who teach them, providing them with income. But these teachers represent only a small percentage of population.

Finally, science and mathematics are great logic training. They train students how to analyse numerous variants, and show how to cope with conflicting factors. They cultivate mental perception and stimulate the development of intelligence. History and literature, on the other hand, provide only limited value by providing examples from the past and the writers’ imagination. The lessons of history are not likely to help solve difficult logical problems that the modern person may encounter almost every day.

The basis for this essay was kindly provided by Zhai Jia. I only edited and changed it around a bit. Please note also that the paragraphs don’t begin with complete lead sentences that introduce both sciences and humanities – that would make this simple essay needlessly long. Enjoy.

Questions? Go ahead and post a question.

Tutor Phil

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